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Trusted by, among others:

The Next Web
Packard Law Firm
Keystone Lawyers
Barnett & Rubin
Amstelveen Council
Lionbridge Enterprise Crowdsourcing
Eversheds Southerland
Amsterdam Council
Berlitz A Global Education Company

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Our Services

Below we’ve listed some of our quality services. Our translators / lawyers have many years of experience in the translation sector.


Assorted documentation; in addition to legal documents, also diplomas and certificates.

Non Certified

As translators / lawyers, we ensure that all your content is excellently translated. From legal docs to website content. You can rely on us.


With many years of experience as proofreaders to get your text perfect, and where applicable: attractive.

Profit from our professionalism

Have your translation done by skilled translators at a reasonable price.

Our practice in the implementation of certified and non-certified translations is based on: Reliability, Quality, Price.

Reliability: On-time delivery and reliability are essential aspects for us. Our ‘mission statement’ is therefore: ‘We Do As We Promise, And We Do It On Time’. 

Quality: We are known for our high quality service by our many loyal clients.

Attractive pricing: You are assured of the best price to quality ratio.



High Profile Clients

Years Of Experience

What Our Clients Think

We love receiving feedback from our clients; when they let us know they are satisfied, it gives us a boost.



What really impresses me is their attention to detail,I sent a deed from the 50’s and they translated it into 50’s English.That really impressed me, I know I can always rely on AD.



Education is our lifeblood, When it comes to our translations, we can’t make mistakes, Anglo Dutch thinks with you and takes the time to get it right, I highly recommend their services to any education professional



Our clients are mainly multinationals, the contracts we create are life changing if not translated correctly, we rely on Nicole and her team to deliver on complex documents year after year.

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