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The beginning

In 1992 some friends who’d just graduated from the University of Amsterdam, got together to start a new company, Anglo Dutch Translation Services.

Throughout all the years together at university they stayed friends, They traveled the world, worked in foreign countries together and to this day they still work together in a close-knit team.

The start took place in a flex office building in Amsterdam Southeast. There we were, the first company with an internet connection that were also using email. When all the other entrepreneurs there still used a fax machine, Even back then we already believed it time for a more modern approach to doing legal translations.

You cannot imagine now that people still worked with a fax machine and pen and paper back in those days. Why would you even consider continue to do that with the digital age obviously approaching?

This mantra served us well, and over the years, Anglo Dutch has welcomed a number of professionals into its ranks.

With a new platform, built by a new IT department, we are now going one step further than the rest. We do this with a more flexible and user-friendly approach to ordering and performing translation tasks. We would therefore love to receive feedback from our clients.

Jim Caitlen


Attorney We are a multifaceted, large law firm in the United States, We have had a long working relationship with Nicole and her team for over 20 years, we wouldn’t use anyone else!

David King Johnson


As a content creator and media company, we need to be rigorous when it comes to our Dutch business relationships, we are very happy with the teams provided by Anglo Dutch

Marjolein van Haasdonk

Manager Government

Anglo-Dutch is our only choice for legal translations, it must be correct and we are always confident it will be as they are well versed in Dutch and international legal procedures.