Order Now Conditions (EasyPay)

We reserve the right to refuse to perform a prepaid translation on the following grounds:

  • The specified number of words is incorrect (more than 1% too few).
  • The text is: unclear; illegible; so bad in language or the text is of such poor quality that translation is impracticable or will take too much time.
  • Another plausible reason at our discretion. We will not unreasonably refuse a document for translation.

In these cases you will be notified and your payment will be refunded immediately. Or we come to a different solution.

Order now or Request a Quote?

  • Your document contains similar texts, so the word count is lower. please request a quote.
  • Your document contains a large amount of figures, which are not included in the word count: please request a quote.
  • Your text is difficult to read or of such poor quality that you are not sure if the translation can be performed: please request quote .
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