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translations into and from the Dutch and English language

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Come to Anglo Dutch Legal Translations Services for all your translations into and from the Dutch and English language …..

… where translation work is treated as individual projects. A good translation is important because, in addition to the grammatical aspect, the correct style and nuance are also required. Native speakers and expert proofreaders are therefore indispensable.
Certified translators and Native Speakers
Our translators have university degrees, both legal and linguistic, and are certified translators.
We pay just as much care and attention to proofreading as to the translation work itself.
The thorough proofreading of our own translation work is provided by one of our proofreaders. Often it can occur that our clients wish to have documents that have been previously translated elsewhere re edited by one of our proofreaders.
The same applies to legal documents that are incorrectly or literally translated: we are not only linguists but also lawyers; we find and solve problems or bring them to your attention.
Why we excel at what we do is simple: we don’t attempt to accommodate all possible translation needs.
    • We work exclusively with certified translators
  • We only translate from English to Dutch and vice versa.
    • We have a network of professional certified translators who trust us and we can rely on.
The benefits are considerable:


    • A linguist who is also a lawyer discovers nuances that can make the difference in the legal ramifications of a contract.
    • A native speaker who registers with a translation platform is not necessarily a professional legal translator, there is more to it than one may assume.
Non certified translations.
Even if you want to have a letter, website or other document translated that does not have to be a certified translation, you will always have a top professional available for your translation tasks. Our translators ensure that your translation is not only a correct mirror image of the original, but also pay attention to the interpretation in ambiance and nuances.
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800+ Clients
We work for clients all over the world and are still providing translations for ur existing clients who came to us in the 1990s.
Simple Pricing
We have a simple pricing system, for both certified and non-certified translations.
Exemplary Quality
For us that is not a choice: we are perfectionists. Learn more →