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Your Terms and Conditions translated by professionals

Here you can order a translation of your general terms and conditions  into Dutch by professional certified translators and legal translators. We are specialists in legal translation and translate all types of legal documents and texts, including general terms and conditions

It’s always better to get legal texts translated by legal translators.

Our translators specialise in legal translation and have a legal University degree. You wouldn’t bring your car to an amateur mechanic, so why would you risk your company’s reputation by getting an amateur to translate your important terms and conditions. This enables us to guarantee a high-quality translation of your general terms and conditions.

Ordering a translation of your terms and conditions with us is easy and convenient:

We can offer this service from 5 euro cents per word because of our experience and the processes we have in place to take out the quotation and time in correspondence with the client for these particular document types, i.e. terms and conditions.

A great deal of knowledge based on education and experience is available within our translators’ collective. Both legal and in terms of translation. As our translators work directly together, translations of terms and conditions can be coordinated very tightly. This saves a great deal of time without compromising on quality. 

On the contrary, you will find only sworn and/or University-trained translators here: qualified and experienced professionals.

What does this mean for my business terms and conditions?

Well, in a nutshell, it means, no matter what your business is when it comes to your terms and conditions, you are guaranteed that a seasoned translator with a legal background has translated your document. Although not a legal requirement for most companies, if required, you can even have your terms and conditions certified with a stamp and a sworn-translation statement. 

The right price for translation

We believe we are one of the lowest priced translation agencies operating in The Netherlands today. Through an efficient organisation, we have been able to keep our prices low without compromising on quality. Our translators are university graduates, native speakers of the target language, qualified technical translators and authorised translators, so have seen thousands of terms and conditions over the years covering many different types of businesses..


We often handle highly sensitive information and are always careful to maintain strict confidentiality. We always treat our clients’ information securely and confidentially. Although our standard NDA is sent with every introductory email we send for you to download at your convenience, if necessary, we are happy to sign an NDA (confidentiality agreement) with you as a client should you have a specific need for that. 

Send us your document and let us help you stand out from the crowd